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Tower of London (Shallice), green ball

Tower of London (Shallice), green ball

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Equipment for Tower of London Test, psychomotricity test, neurology test, 3 ball stacking, handmade,

You are a student, professional in speech therapy, psychomotricity or neurology and wish to acquire equipment, this will allow you to carry out the test of the Tower of London (Shallice 1982)

This is a test, corresponding to the resolution of transformation problems addressed to subjects from the age of 7 years.

The Tower of London test consists of 12 problems whose difficulty is increasing because the number of movements to be made to reach the goal increases gradually from 2 movements to 6 movements.

Including only the tower with three colored balls Red, Blue and Green

(if you are looking with the tower of london with the yellow ball it is here )

(Examination cards not included)

Entirely made by me by hand, finished by patinating with beeswax and olive oil.

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