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Corsi blocks 10 test cubes teenagers adults

Corsi blocks 10 test cubes teenagers adults

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10-cube Corsi blocks , for adolescent and adult subjects, including wooden equipment to perform the tap-block test and two writable (erasable) sequence cards, Corsi block-tapping test, memory space test, handmade France

Wooden equipment consisting of a white wooden plate on which are distributed ten numbered blue cubes face up to the examiner.

The two maps supplied with can be written on with an erasable marker and present the spans in direct and indirect order .

This 10-cube material is preferably used to perform the Corsi block test to assess non-verbal immediate memory or working memory in its visuo-spatial aspects in adolescent and adult subjects.

The use of this test is particularly indicated in the context of neurological developmental disorders, in particular for learning disabilities and psychomotor disorders such as TAC, ADD and ADHD.

Material recommended for students or professional psychomotricians, neurologists, neuro-paediatricians, speech therapists.

Finishing of the material by patination with olive oil and beeswax.

Response within 24 hours to quote requests, for professionals in the private sector , for professionals in the public sector .

We also manufacture 9-cube corsi blocks

Handcrafted production made in France

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