When two children give birth to a company....

In 2011, a little Zoé was born in our home. With her joie de vivre and her mischievous smile, she offered us the chance to find the necessary resources within ourselves (and let go^^) to offer her the best for her development. Very quickly we discovered the Montessori pedagogy and our tools began to work.

Fifteen months later, in 2013, when our Gabin arrived, we had to review our plans.... our little man is keen on fishing and games
of all kinds, so we gave way to our creativity.

Family instruction having imposed itself quite naturally on our premises, we have therefore made a large part of the Montessori material and various educational games.

In front of our home made equipment, the girlfriends wanted the same... then the girlfriends of the girlfriends... we decided to launch on the French platform "A Little Market" in November 2014.... ZG-jouetsbois- was born .... (how did I not tread to find the name :-) )

Very quickly, our equipment made with love in our very small family workshop (9m²) equipped schools, nurseries, kindergartens, houses all over France and in neighboring countries.

In 2017, A little market was taken over by an online sales giant... so we took the option of duplicating our shop... on Un grand marché and on Etsy... our equipment had a hard time international success from the very first months.
Faced with the growing demand for our products, our shop has moved to professional status in 2020, while maintaining the family education of our two children so dear to our hearts.

In 2021, we embarked on a major move and invested in a room of more than 150m², a few months later we had the honor of welcoming our first employee...

Today our story continues on our own website , our catalog is expanding, our brand is registered and recognized for its quality across the oceans.
We wouldn't be here without your support and trust so for the recognition of our passionate and neat work,
the entire ZG-jouetsbois- team says a big THANK YOU!!!

PS: If you want a unique gift for your child or special material straight out of your imagination for your students, don't hesitate to contact me! (I loooooove original creations :-))

65 St. Cricq Road
40300 Sorde l'Abbaye