Procedure for payment by administrative mandates

You are professionals of a public establishment, hospital, town hall, school....
we accept payment deferred to 30 days by administrative mandate via deposit of invoice on chorus.

  1. Send a quote request to or by filling out the contact form below , specifying
    - billing address
    - the delivery adress
    - name of the order referent
    - desired items and quantity
    You will receive your quote within 24 hours accompanied by our certified rib and all our legal information to register on Chorus.

  2. Return it to us:
    - stamped
    - date
    - sign
    - preceded by the words "good for acceptance"
    - accompanied by your order form.

  3. Upon receipt of the accepted quote and the order form, your order will be prepared and shipped within 48 hours .
    You will receive a tracking email for your package and the invoice will be deposited under chorus.

  4. We are grateful to you for carrying out the payment within 30 days of receipt of your order.

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