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Montessori washing table (hands, teeth)

Montessori washing table (hands, teeth)

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Around the age of 2, children want to do things "on their own", so this is the ideal time to offer them the possibility of acquiring this autonomy by providing them with furniture adapted to their size.

Delivered fully assembled, this washing station contains two stainless steel containers, one for washing and the other for soap. The towel can be hung indifferently on the right or on the left in the carrying handles.

Made entirely in France, in an artisanal way, this table will facilitate many learnings such as:
- wash your hands (with a jug or a bottle of water dispenser)

- brush your teeth

- comb and/or brush your hair

- take care of yourself and your appearance

- wash face after meal

- to blow one's nose

- use water wisely and in useful quantities

The wood (three-ply spruce) used is FSC, it is treated with a 100% natural oil to waterproof it.

Cabinet dimensions: 65x45x50cm

Made to order in 10 days, the time may vary depending on the number of orders in progress.

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