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Table of Seguin 1&2 Montessori (complete)

Table of Seguin 1&2 Montessori (complete)

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Seguin I&II Montessori table, mathematical equipment, complete, counting beads, 10 golden or orange, simultaneous use, handmade

Mathematical material of Montessori pedagogy, the Seguin tables are presented to the child once he has learned to count up to 10 in order to count up to 99.

He thus learns the vocabulary of units and tens while working on the quantities when he uses the beads.

This complete Seguin I and II table set allows you to use the tables simultaneously so that two children can work at the same time, it includes:

- two tables (plywood) of 460x100x80mm numbered nine times "10" to write the numbers from 11 to 19

- two tables (plywood) of 460x100x80mm numbered nine from 10 to 90 to write the numbers from 11 to 99

- two sets of nine tablets (plywood) 50x80x5 mm numbered from 1 to 9

The set of Montessori beads, mounted in bars, can be supplied with (optional) with the possibility of having bars of 10 in gold or orange.

The set of beads includes:

- 18 pearl bars of 10 orange or gold

- the pearl staircase from 1 to 9

- 9 orange or golden beads

Material entirely made by us, the dimensions may vary by a few millimeters.

Made to order within 5 days (the time varies depending on the number of orders already in progress)

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