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Square Montessori recess

Square Montessori recess

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Puzzle / Montessori embedding, wooden educational toy, unique square shape, motor skills/reflection, color of your choice, handcrafted product

To practice Montessori pedagogy with baby, this puzzle allows you to understand the embedding of a single geometric shape at a time.

Equipped with a 40mm diameter grip button, small hands will have no difficulty in grasping it.

The puzzle, entirely made by hand, is in medium size 17x17cm thickness 14mm.

Painted form (acrylic) unvarnished, color of your choice:

Red - Green - Blue - Yellow - Color of your choice (orange / purple / brown / black)

Finishing the puzzle with beeswax and olive oil patina.

Realization in 2 to 5 days (the deadline varies according to the number of orders already in progress)

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