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Rough Montessori Cursive Cut Out Letters

Rough Montessori Cursive Cut Out Letters

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Montessori CURSIVES rough letters, sandpaper cut letters, to stick, writing/reading learning, handmade, alphabet of your choice

Essential material of Maria Montessori's pedagogy, the rough letters allow the child to educate his ear to analyze the sounds and phonetics of language.

The letters are large for an ample movement and wide so that the child can pass his two fingers through them (index and middle finger), this repeated gesture allows the visual learning of the letters, their layout and prepares for writing and reading .

For the realization of your own Montessori material, we offer 26 rough letters cut by hand in fine grain sandpaper ready to stick on the support of your choice.

Choice of alphabet:

1- Lower Case Cursives

Letter height:



aceimnorstuvwx = 9 cm

2- Capital Cursives

Approx size of the letters: 16 cm wide and 15 cm high

3- Lowercase and Uppercase Cursives

Made to order in 3 days (the time increases depending on the number of orders already in progress).

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