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Staircase of Montessori Beads, 10 gold or orange

Staircase of Montessori Beads, 10 gold or orange

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Staircase of Montessori beads, counting from 1 to 10, sensory learning, 10 golden or orange, mounted in bars

One of the first Montessori Mathematics materials to use with the child so that he learns to count up to 9, while being able to present him with the ten if necessary.

The child counts the beads thus associating a number with a quantity by appealing to his senses.

The Montessori Bead Staircase includes:

1 bar of 1 red pearl

1 bar of 2 emerald green pearls

1 bar of 3 pink pearls

1 bar of 4 yellow beads

1 bar of 5 light blue beads

1 bar of 6 purple beads

1 bar of 7 white pearls

1 bar of 8 brown beads

1 bar of 9 dark blue beads

1 1 bar of 10 golden or orange pearls of your choice

Beads 8mm diameter, 1.4mm hole, hand-mounted on galvanized wire

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