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Montessori Dressing Frame Separable Zipper/ZIP

Montessori Dressing Frame Separable Zipper/ZIP

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Dressing frame practical life Montessori pedagogy, Zipper / ZIP, separable, wood 100% cotton fabric, autonomy confidence, handmade

With this practical life material from the Montessori pedagogy, you offer your child the opportunity to practice handling a zipper.

Promoting the development of his fine motor skills, you allow him to gain autonomy, help him gain self-confidence and strengthen his concentration and self-esteem.

The dressing frame has a dimension of 29x34cm ideal for working flat. The fabric (100% cotton) is soft to make the child want to exercise. Fabric color varies depending on supply.

The zipper is separable. The frames are entirely made by hand, in cleats and dowels (in pine or beech depending on availability) that can be dismantled to allow the fabric to be washed.

Realization on order in 2 to 5 days, the manufacturing time increasing according to the number of orders already in progress.

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