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Montessori Object Permanence Box

Montessori Object Permanence Box

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Montessori notion of object permanence box, imbucare box, NIDO wooden awakening game, scalable, 7 shapes 5 plates, artisanal product.

Plywood object permanence box, dimensions 15x15x13 cm, sanded unpainted.

The opening on the front facade allows your child to retrieve the shapes and grasp the notion of object permanence.

The five covers are interchangeable (thickness 5mm) in order to offer your child only one difficulty at a time.

Seven shapes to present as your little one develops motor skills: sphere, cylinder, cube, rectangular parallelepiped, prism, round then square token.
All parts are made by us (except the sphere) in beech (but wood species may vary depending on supply)

The box and the shapes are patinated with beeswax and olive oil. Homemade.

Made to order within 10 days (the time varies depending on the number of orders already in progress)

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